Peer Reviewer

Peer Reviewer Process

The reviewers of Jurnal Sains Teknologi Transportasi Maritim consist of competent experts in the fields of Maritime, Transportation, Nautical sciences, engineering maritime, and Vocational Maritime Education each of whom works independently and professionally by upholding the ethical code of scientific publications as reviewers. The peer-review process of the Jurnal Sains Teknologi Transportasi Maritim manuscript is as follows:

  1. Reviewer conducts reviews and checks the submitted manuscripts to see if they are in accordance with their expertise in their field of knowledge. A reviewer has the right to refuse if it is not in accordance with their expertise and competence, and the Editorial Board may transfer to another reviewer who is suitable.
  2. Manuscripts that are reviewed are manuscripts that are double blinds review (without the identity of the author and reviewer).
  3. Reviewers review the manuscript based on the substance of the manuscript (article quality) within a maximum period of 2 weeks from receipt of the manuscript. If within that time period the manuscript review has not been completed, the reviewer must confirm it to the Lead Editor or chief in editor of the journal.
  4. During the manuscript review process, reviewers provide an assessment of the manuscript through the Journal review form.
  5. The review result is returned to the Editorial Board.
  6. The reviewer provides a decision on the review result, including:
  1. Accept Submission 
  2. Revisions Required 
  3. Decline Submission 

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